CIA Hiring Process..I'm not a Boy Scout

Now I'm starting the process the long CIA hiring process, but I am not confident that I will make even receive a conditional offer of employment. I had two DUIs, and smoked marijuana frequently while in college. I also sporadically tried cocaine, shrooms, and ecstacy, but never used it on a regular basis. This all occurred before I went to Europe. CIA Careers - Police Forums & Law Enforcement Forums My point was that considering how long my other federal positions took the CIA hiring process was rather fast, personal, and informative. I was polygraphed, psyche screened, and medical tested in May, this was last year. According to CIA hr I was expected to be on site by July (less than one year from application) keep in mind I have alot of Hiring Elements End-to-End Hiring Roadmap Hiring Elements End-to-End Hiring Roadmap ELEMENTS AND TASKS* Validate the Need against the Workforce, Staffing and Recruiting Plans Ownership: Manager Maximum number of calendar days: 1 Review workforce, succession and staff acquisition plans. Review recruitment plan to identify the resources and sources for recruitment. Want to be a CIA spy? Be careful on Facebook. Mar 13, 2015

Nov 06, 2014

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To get employed by the CIA, you will have to successfully complete the organization’s hiring process. CIA Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment This post gives exhaustive information about the hiring process at CIA, to help you learn the best way to put up your job description and attend the interview to be successful in getting employment…

The process starts by figuring out what exactly you want to do at the CIA. Like any other government agency, it's a big bureaucracy with many different jobs, so not everyone is James Bond. How the CIA Hires: 5 Most Important Interview Questions