Note that thankfully, Safari in Catalina retains the ability to erase your history WITHOUT also erasing cookies. If you hold down Option when clicking on the “History” menu bar item, “Clear History…” changes to “Clear History and Keep Website Data…” There is no way to clear history without also erasing cookies in Safari …

Feb 23, 2008 How to Clear History on Mac - Safari/Chrome/Firefox Jun 13, 2018 How to Clear Search History on Mac (Safari, Chrome & Firefox) Now, follow the steps below and see how to clear the Safari history on Mac: How to Clear Safari 's Search History on Mac. Start Safari on your MacBook Pro / Air or iMac. Click on history and clear history. Set the date range you want to delete. For example, choose Full History to delete all of your Safari search history. Click on the Clear History.

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[Latest] How to Delete Safari/Chrome History on Mac Aug 12, 2018