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Given that TeamViewer works by connecting devices over the internet, all you need to get started is an internet connection and TeamViewer installed on all participating devices. With this in place, online screen sharing is possible between Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS without any compatibility issues.

"Check your Internet connection. Probably you use a proxy server and must provide appropriate information in the options dialog." I'm not able to enter any partner ID that my friend gave me either. I have tried to remove TeamViewer from control panel + registry, then run teamviewer -> same result. I have also tried to reboot comp -> same result

Teamviewer uses hole-punching for it's standard mechanism. Basically everything is outgoing connections. The connection can fall back to port 80 so it will be difficult to block all these connections without blocking other stuff. There are two options: You can configure black and whitelisting in the teamviewer instance running on your senser

[SOLVED] Teamviewer session timeout - Spiceworks