Remember that it is also correct to spell "Internet" with the capital "I", e.g. I'll try to look for it on the Internet. Now both spellings are treated as correct but initially the word "Internet" was only spelt with the capital letter. Some native speakers of English still believe that it …

An “internet” is a concept, however – the Internet is a proper noun. There’s only one Internet, it has a series or regulatory bodies that govern it, and a series of technical specifications that define how it is used. Anyone can create an internet, using a protocol of their own devising, and having their own name resolution service. The word “Internet” is especially problematic for an English learner because it can cause several problems at once. With or without the article? When “Internet” is used as a noun describing the network we all use, it is used with the definite article: Wired internet (aka residential broadband): This is when you connect to the internet using a physical cable, be it a telephone line (DSL) or a cable line (cable), or a fiber optic line (FIOS The Internet. You already know what the Internet is all about, and you really don't need a technical explanation of how it all works. At home, you get the Internet connection you need, thanks to your account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as Time-Warner Cable, AT&T, or Verizon. Many default to “Internet” with a capital “I,” but this choice is far from universal. The New York Times, Chicago Manual of Style, and AP swear by the capital letter. The Guardian, the Economist, and Wired do not.

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Jun 23, 2014 · 'The Internet' is a proper noun at times and as such is properly capitalized, although the word 'internet' when used as a verb or adjective, is not. The capitalization rule is not rigidly adhered to however and various spellings are frequently encountered.

Apr 24, 2008 Internet vs. Traditional Car Buying | Edmunds Internet department salespeople also assume car buyers are informed, have shopped around and won't necessarily "buy today." More importantly, the internet team is willing to give specific prices Should the word 'internet' be capitalised? Apr 28, 2008 Best Internet Providers for Gaming | 2020 Guide | U.S. News Apr 21, 2020