How to fix the four biggest problems with VPN connections

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3. Try a Different VPN Server or Protocol. Sometimes servers get overloaded or experience other issues. To make sure it’s not the entirety of your VPN that’s not working, try connecting to various VPN servers in different regions. Also, try switching protocols – in OpenVPN from TCP to UDP or the other way around.

Jio has cleveryly blocked GRE ports and many other ports used for VPN like 500, 1701, 4500 required by L2TP and 1723 required by PPTP protocols. They have taken inspiration from The Great Firewall of China to prevent VPNs from working with Jio Net Why won't this VPN work? - Cisco Community Why won't this VPN work? I set up PIX with dynamic map so that remote client (workstation with Cisco VPN Client will work. Testing this on a Laptop with Windows 2000, where I had an internet connection outside of my outside interface of the PIX, I get the connection OK(See Atth 1, …