You can manually configure the DNS servers in your macOS settings. Here are the steps: Go to System Preferences, then Network. Select the network interface you are using, and click Advanced Open the DNS tab, and click the + button at the bottom to add NordVPN DNS … Slow Internet? Edit your DNS settings | Macworld But if the DNS server your Mac uses is slow or overloaded, this can make some of your Internet activities slower. This usually isn’t a terrible problem as an extra quarter-second to load a How to Reset DNS Cache - MacOs (Mac OS X) - YouTube Feb 06, 2018 How to Reset the DNS Cache in OS X - MacTrast

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Apr 25, 2019 · Here is what you should do: Launch the Network Utility app on your Mac. You can find it in System/Library/CoreServices/Applications From there, click on Lookup and then enter an Internet address to look up. Enter a domain or a numerical IP address for a website that you know. Finally, click on the

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